Back to the future – Fashion statements from Gucci resort 2020

Back to the future: With the increasing focus in the US on women’s reproductive rights and the potential reconsideration of the seminal Roe vs. Wade 1973 US Supreme Court decision, fashion leaders have begun to bring clothing elements of the 1970s to the limelight. Gucci Resort 2020 gives a 21st Century perspective through an Italian lens. The entire collection is thought-provoking in so many ways


The look I chose to feature here pulls the 1970s bohemian hippy look into the 21st century with  medieval-inspired hair, sleeves,  wrapping, and chain-mail-like cap, Egyptian-inspired pectoral necklace and goffered pleats, renaissance-inspired choppine shoes, – with 1950s-inspired cat-eye sunglasses — all details foreshadowed by the pink embroidered depiction of the female reproductive system as a diagram many of us learned about in 5th grade sex-ed class.

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