When does public domain of a copyright apply to fashion design? Check out this article by the website, The Fashion Law. It provides an overview of the complexities encountered when you consider professional photographers, designers, and celebrities all working to make a living through capitalizing on the voyeur/exhibitionist culture we live in. It is an exciting time where new rules need to be written for the fashion side of copyright. https://www.thefashionlaw.com/home/moschino-responds-to-paparazzi-photo-lawsuit-you-infringed-our-copyright-in-the-dress

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I am a fashion designer, educator, and researcher. My theoretical research focuses on creativity, technology, and fashion systems while my practical research (fashion design) explores the relationship of fabric and the body, eco-effective design and wearable electronic textiles for health and well-being. Ph.D. in Human Environmental Sciences.

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