Fashion is about desire and need … or is it?

I need a new pair of sneakers. At least in terms of a middle-class North American professional’s needs.

I bought black mesh sneakers with a thick white sole and my big toe blew out the mesh on three pair. I embroidered over the holes, but that is now looking tired and I am ready for a change. So “need” is kind of true, BUT I would not go barefoot if I didn’t buy a new pair of sneakers. Thus the qualifier in the second sentence.

Probably more correctly I just DESIRE a new pair of sneakers. AND I MOST CERTAINLY desire these: Yohji Yamamato Y-3 X Adidas. Just look at how cool they are. The dripping threads. The designer’s name whom I admire and whom inspires me immensely discretely printed on the side… heaven.

I want them so very much it hurts (!) BUT they cost $330, and “This product is excluded from all promotional discounts and offers.” That’s a LOT in my world to spend on a pair of sneakers. Take the plunge, or go for a less expensive sneaker???? Will I regret off-white? But these look the best. What to do??

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I am a fashion designer, educator, and researcher. My theoretical research focuses on creativity, technology, and fashion systems while my practical research (fashion design) explores the relationship of fabric and the body, eco-effective design and wearable electronic textiles for health and well-being. Ph.D. in Human Environmental Sciences.

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